4x4 charter anyone?


hi just wondering if anyone on here other than me has joined this yet? www.4x4charter.com

think its really clever and what a fab way to get back at the anti 4x4 groups Smile

money maker

sounds so good but you could be just making someone else a mint of a retirment fund the gov will always decide the outcome no matter what these clubs promise keep that cash in your wallet.


While it is a good idea, we have to consider that much of this hysteria was purely that; media hysteria to sell news.
Nw this phase has passed we have to consider the wider ranging issues, these are that Government has utilised this as an excuse to tax 4X4 owners and those rich enough to own very large polluting vehicles. Government press officers are the ones releasing the stories to the press, and as with all environmental issues, were seen as a long term strategy to tax 4X4's with the backing of the electorate. Now the Government is well down this long term road, and the economy has bitten them badly. The electorate are far more concerned with losing their jobs, and the rising costs of everything, but the Government strategy still goes on, albeit behind the scenes.

As for the environment, it is pure lies, i have PM'ed some of the site users, and they have read some of the information, and checked it themselves; and formed the same conclusions. Even the Pope, the supposedly most honest of men has described this issue as "pure scaremongering", so what does this tell us.
The one thing we all know for sure is that when we investigate the supposed facts, particularly those relentlessly churned out on a gargantuan scale from the IPCC, they do not add up. Myself, Oldminiman, and others have looked into the discrepencies between the IPCC versions of the facts, and compared them to the authors original papers, and they are misguided, misinforming, and bear no conclusions of the original authors. This is why many of the authors, who submitted these research findings to the IPCC, have actually threatened to take the Government to court if they do not remove these manipulated versions of their original submissions from the IPCC website.

The reality is simple, the Government are lying to gain public approval, and now they are being found out.