Sportrak knocks and rattles


Ive got a 93 sportrak with a knock, in or around the rear axle, it can be heard in any gear and bliping the throttle on and off, I know its around there somewhere because ive turned the propshaft by hand and get a similiar sound.

Ive also got a rattle from the front brakes when going over bumps, I have had them cleaned and checked by the local garage twice, but the noise returns after 2 - 3 weeks.

Thanks in advance for any help, it will be much appreciated.


Loose exhaust, weak hangers in the system?

Exhuast is sound, no knocks

Exhuast is sound, no knocks from that, from twisting the prop, its feels as if theres alot of play?

Spider joints.

At each end of the prop there is a 'spider' joint. Check if the play is within the 'spider' joint. The joint is needle roller bearing at each leg of the spider. Its the needle roller is damaged then play is usually evident and it will knock and the car usually vibrates on travel. These joints need regular maintainance with the grease gun - revolve the prop to find the grease nipples - one for each end of the prop. Also look for a nipple where the prop has an extension. Attaching the grease gun to the nipple is awkward. Use MP grease and pump until old grease is expelled from the spider or prop's extension.


As an off chance, Check the rear door. The weight of the spare wheel wears the hinge and then it tends to knock in situ.


M J Young