Gearbox wiring



I have just changed the clutch on a '97 2.8 TDX 5 speed manual and foolishly didn't make a note of the wiring connectors on the gearbox.

Now I can't get the little green 4x4 symbol to light up on the dash.
I seem to have 7 connectors on the loom from the car but only 6 connectors on the gearbox, firstly is this right or have I missed a connector on the box?

Does anyone have a picture or detail of which connector goes where, some can only go one place due to their shape, but others seeem to be able to be connected in several different ways.

Thanks in advance for your help.



Connectors are simple, each pair contain a live and a return, all the switches on the gerarbox are on or off, and simply switch between the two wires.

Test each pair for the live, and with the ignition switched on, bridge it to its other wire, this should identify which plug goes to which item. If you get no light on the dash after this it could simply be the bulb blown.

Hi The light worked before I

The light worked before I pulled the box, I have managed to find a workshop manual and it seems to show 7 connectors on the box, which would make sense as I have 7 connectors on the loom. I can only see 6 connectors on the box, I will have another look with a mirror and see if I can find the missing one.

I have metered out all the connections on the loom and they seem to make sense.