1998 hijet truck


Is this a TOP SECRET vehicle. I have been searching for a year and can NOT find a manual for for Hijet truck. I have found a lot of people looking for them!! (on this site as old as 2005!!!) Does any one have a helpfull clue.

dot dot dot

we did not have this conversation, the manual does exist from the dealers for 120 pounds, very expensive and i beleive very bulky, but this is only second hand information, haynes have not produced one either.

so yes this is top secret information, try area 51, wink,wink.

again we did not have this conversation.

this message will self destruct in 50 years.

over and out AGENT VAYJET Wink

Haynes manauls

I think its about time we contacted Haynes at Sparkford near Yoevil to ask if they will produce a Owners manual for these vehicles!!! Its certainley a popular vehicle and would be worth their while to produce.

Regards. Brendan.