Grinding into 2nd gear


Hi folks! I've just bought a 91 sportrak - really enjoy it at the moment, but it seems to take a lot of persuasion to get into second with a lot of nasty crunching - but only really the first time I engage it on a journey.
Any ideas? I'm hoping its simple clutch or oil related problems and not syncro issues.....

All help appreciated!


Hello mate, check your fluid levels if its an hydrolic clutch, if its a cable then adjust it. Check your gearbox oil level also.

If they are all ok just try nursing it into and out of that gear, do you have a floor mat which could be restrickting full depression of the pedal??

Also try double-de-clutching up and down the box which will help alot. Failing that it could be worn or on its way out gearbox!!! Fingers crossed its not eh.

Regards. Brendan.

Cheers for that mate, I'll

Cheers for that mate, I'll check it out. It was fine this morning having said that. It could be that its because the last owner had it sat for quite a while. I'll check the gearbox oil and clutch at the weekend anyway.
Now all I've got to do is solve the mysterious stink of petrol that seems to have started...

Grinding in2 2nd gear

Ok mate, good luck, if it is a hydrolic clutch try bleeding it as it might have abit of air in the system. As for the petrol smell, again, check everything, cap (overfull), fuel filter, injector connections, tank, all the usual stuff mate.

Regards, Brendan

Second Gear on Sportrak

It will be a cable clutch and mine is the same when the oil is cold. The fluid levels are fine and it's only the first few changes that are a bit tight/difficult.

I changed the clutch some time ago and have checked the float level on the pedal to ensure that the free play is that as recommended by Daihatsu.

As it only tends to occur when first started and is then fine I have put it down to one of two things.

Thick Oil or a lazy leg first thing in the morning. A combination of both probably

M J Young

Interesting - thanks for

Interesting - thanks for that mate. I'll top up all the oils anyway and let you know how I get on Smile