Hijet alloy wheels from Tyresave.co.uk


Hi to all you Hijetters out there, ive just placed my order today with Duncan from Tyresave.co.uk for a set of 5 (Five) KN Minator gloss white/polished rim 5J x 13 inch alloys with 165/70/R/13 tyres fitted,balanced,nuts,centre caps and delivered to my door for a cracking deal of £492.50p for 5 (Five).

These wheels will arrive alot quicker if anymore orders are placed!!! The manufacturer will only make a batch if the order book warrants it being worth their while. So if anyone out there is thinking of or wanting to place an order for a set of these lovely wheels then please contact Duncan at tyresave.co.uk and get your order in ASAP.

You only have to make a £50 deposit with the balance due prior to delivery. Cost depend on what you order but ive had a great deal today which is why my order is in. Ive ordered 5 wheels as you never know ( Damage, accidents etc).

There is some new pictures on the gallery of a silver Hijet owner with his wheels now fitted and it looks great. Yes he waited a while for them but that was only due to slow orders being placed so the onus is on us all to place our order ASAP if we want them.

This is really our last hope of getting wheels for our Hijets as most wheel firms dont or wont supply. It is unlikely Duncan says that the 12 inch KN minator will be made anymore due to it just being an odd size rare wheel to produce so the 13 inch rim size is even better. The Suzuki carry van runs on 13 inch rims and its basically the same van. There are two PCD sizes on the Hijet- 4x 110mm & 4x 114mm. The latter i think refers to the early pre-facelift models before 1998 MY. Mine is a 1999-V reg facelift and my PCD is 4x 110mm with a 70mm centre hole size.

Anyway Hijetters i just thought i'd share my good info with you all in the hope it willl drum up more orders.

Kind regards. Brendan. Wiltshire.