Leaking Sporty


Can anyone help? I have a 1994 Sportrak which needs a new Radiator. I have found it impossible to get the exact rad for my Sporty. Is anyone aware if I can use a pre 1994 rad as a replacement?


Site-Search this site for 'radiator'. There are several suppliers of replacement radiators in the UK. They will re-core your existing radiator. You need to have your radiator 're-cored'. The finished article is as good as new and much cheaper than buying a daihatsu replacement.
This is what they do:
You take your radiator to the depot. To enable re-core of an old radiator, the header and bottom tanks are removed. The central tubes are replaced with a new core. Any defects in to top/bottom tanks get brazed and restored. The finish is guarenteed.
If you look in the telephone book, yellow pages, look for 'motor-rads'. There are depots throughout the UK. I have used motor-rads of Redditch, Worc, on several occassions for heater matrix and radiator re-cores. Recore of a Sporty radiator should cost about £110 and takes a few days.

PS .... fitting a scrapper radiator is a waste of time. Get your radiator re-cored!

I am trying to avoid having

I am trying to avoid having a recore. I can easily get hold of a new pre 1994 radiator but not sure if this will fit?