Hi all,custom exhaust c/o, of Market Rasen, in LINCOLNSHIRE,(tel 01673862777, a great guy, actually called , custom performance ltd, will make you a custom pipe in heavey gauge stainless, at a reasonable price he did my hijet in about 2and a half hours, custom built, with a nice purr 2 it also, just sounds like the old peko if anyone can remember them!!

Market Rasen Stainless Exhaust

I second Cleethorpes guy here. I too used Custom Performance near Market Rasen. Quality job and great people to deal with. Not least the cost of SS exhaust is surprisingly cheaper than factory one. You can have it as loud or quiet as you like and he even lets you browse through the tail pipes to choose your own!! The exhausts are Powerflow and are 304 grade.

Whilst on the ramp I saw some surface rust on underside of my Rally 2 so I arranged to take car back the following week and they Waxoyl Schultzed it for me. It seems nothing was too much trouble for the guy.

Hi carman 2....

Yes nothing was too much trouble for john,(the owner) and of course Patrick, who did the actuall graft!!, john DID do the welding tho,im going back to have a stainless back rack made, in a couple of weeks, ill say hello for ya!!, take care Bob.

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How much did the exaust cost? Mine is blowing so I'm thinking of getting a stainless steel one sent down from these chaps and getting my trusty local garage to fit it for me.

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SS Exhaust

Hi Andrew, The Stainless Exhaust System ( Cat.' back) cost £282.00 for my Sirion Rally 2. This included fitting and a nice slightly oval tailpipe. Give John a ring, I found him so helpful. Cheers.