transfer box drain plug stuck solid, anybody got any ideas on loosen it.


As anybody got any ideas on how to loosen the drain and filler plugs on my fourtrack transfer box, mine is stuck soild . I have tried a 24mm ring and 24mm socket but wont budge.

Loosen the plug

Spend a bit of time with a wire brush and a very fine point and scrape away at the area where the plug and the gear box meet. When this is revealed spray some penetrating oil or WD40 all over the area and leave it for a few hours while you go out and buy a 6 point 24mm socket and a long breaker bar or find a bit of tube to slide over the handle of the ratchet or whatever you are using. Put the socket on the nut and find a bit of wood or something to wedge in between the ratchet and the car body somewhere (or the floor) so that the socket is forced onto the nut. Grab the end of the breaker bar and apply firm steady pressure. The success lies with the preparation and keeping the socket flats properly engaged with the very thin head of the filler/drain plugs hence the wedge.


In addition to the lower comment, if the plug edges are damaged, hit them around the edge methodically with a hammer, this will send any burrs back, you may have to hammer the six point socket on, but it will be a tight fit.

one other way...

would be to use a chisel or punch with a big hammer to knock it round, then after find another magnetic plug to refit as it will possibly destroy the plug..

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!
youtube: Redfourtrack

trasfer box nut

weve had problems over the years with these type of thin sided bolts diff etc after several times of trying different things we now weld a deep sided nut straight onto the exsisting one to get a better purchase with a spanner/breaker bar etc

Indirect heat.

You could try indirect heat. If you use naked flame or a heat gun it will catch fire. Not a good idea!
Try holding a hot water bottle of boiling water against the nut. The threaded hole will expand more then the bolt. This helps release the bolt. When the nut is hot use a spanner or spray with penetrating oil - oil will penetrate between the expanded gap between thread and nut.


The direct opposite of Mace's comments could be used, another old trick is to pack ice around the nut to contract it, this usually works where heat does not.