Screen washer doesnt work on our Rocky 2


This is our 2nd Rocky, it is a lot better condition than the other one and much better looked after by it's previous one owner, however i just found out the screenwasher doesnt work, it has plenty of water in it, but the pump doesnt make a noise when the switch is pressed !

i have at the moment taken the screenwash bottle with pump, off the vehicle, thinking that it will be easier to ascertain which part isnt working.

from the screenwash switch i have two wires Blue/Black and Blue/Yellow, what should i apply to the ends of these two wires while the switch is operated on the wiper stalk to check the switch works OK Unknw

What should i apply to the two terminals on the pump to check to see if that is working ok ?.

The screen wash bottle is only very small so i dont think it is the original one !, LOL.

I dont know if they are connected in anyway, although there is a seperate switch, but my next job will then be, the rear door washer, that doesnt work either !.

any suggestions anyone please.



The screen wash pump is a simple electric motor and should work with a Poss and Neg connected to the terminals.

The switch breaks the circuit to the motor until operated. A simple bulb tester between the wires to the motor will tell you if live is going through the switch when operated. The same applies to the rear motor


M J Young


very helpfull lads, the problem is, not only the motor, but me, i have a digital (and an analogue) circuit tester, but dont really know how to use them, LOL.

but with what youve already told me should all help a helluva lot, thanks.

rear washer and screen

rear washer and screen demister problems is usually snapped/corroded wires just behind the door frame, you need to take off the off side blanking panel or lamp cluster to access,look around the multi block connector, also inside it as the spades rot away