Sportrak body lift and tyres


Ive just bought a 1994 sportrak 1.6 and want to beef it up abit. Im a welder by trade so im used to hands on work on cars but cant seem to find a decent "how to" on raising the sportrak. can anyone tell me a simple way to do this?

Im not looking to go up silly amounts as i dont want to mess around with brake pipes, wires and steering ect..

also once lifted id like to fit some chunky tyres too. Any suggestions on sise and brand?

cheers, WISE

i would second this, it is

i would second this, it is dead easy to do and once it is done, you can fit 31/10.50/15 of which a decent set (bronco grizzly claws) with wheel are about £450

you will need new bushes

you will need new bushes these are avalable from milner off road at about 24 quid delivered for the set
the shackles were a nightmare to get off well mine were i heated the rear bush up and smashed it out leaving the outer sleave of the bush stuck in the end of the spring to get this out i borrowed an air saw and cut this top and botton then with a hammer and bolster knocked it out
then the fitting of the new ones didnt get much better the new shackles are so tight that when you try and knock them through the new poly bushes they push them out so what i did was grind the weld of the new welds on the shackles so the bolt comes out then screw rather than hammer the bolts through,then the next problem is the top bolt will be around 5mm short on the blood red shackles so you wont be able to get the nut on with the new poly bushes so iput the nut on without the other side of the shackle turn this to compress the bush then quickly undo put the other end of the shackle on and you should just get the nut on i dont know if its the bushes which are to long or the blood red top bolt which is not long enough sound a bit of a nightmare but you might be lucky

also as modern cars are new

also as modern cars are new to me(I restore classic cars), how do you adjust the front torsion bar?

hi i brought a sportrak last

hi i brought a sportrak last week and lifted it on the weekend to lift the front there is two 22mm lock nuts on the end of the torsion bar you just seperate them then tighten the 22mm bolt and until its at the hight you require

Easier fitting of Milner bushes

sorry to hear you had such a hard time with getting the shackles through the bushes, unfortunately your not the first person who has mentioned it and we have experienced the same thing ourselves, the shackles are designed to match the internal dimensions of the original equipment shackles when the bolts are tightened flush with the ends of the pins but the Milner bushes have wider shoulders and a narrower centre bore than the original part so this can make fitting more involved. One way we have found to overcome this to some extent during fitting along with the Milner bushes is to use a silicon spray to lube the pins and inside of the bushes and then use a pair of sliding trigger type clamps to squeeze the shackle pin through whilst keeping the shackle plate square with the mount, then put the shackle plate on and squeeze again until the nut will begin to thread. The clamps were £7.00 each from the local hardware shop. We have only fitted the shackles with Milner chassis bushes as the springs we supply have bushes with a sleeve fitted as per the originals and the shackle pins fit through these without any problem.
Hope this helps and many thanks to everyone who has bought any of our products up to now, we hope to have some new stuff available shortly.
best regards
Blood Red Offroad Ltd

the shakles are real easy to

the shakles are real easy to do makes sure u WD40 them frist so they come off easier

if u look under the back u will see them just undo the nuts most of the time they wont move i had to cut the nuts off once the pins are out u just need to take the shackles off

jack the back of the car up so the tyres are still supporting there own weight and the jack has the weight of the body

once out just lift the car up and slide the new shakles in and od up very simple but with seized bolts it can be a pain

if you have any problems ring dave at blood red off road he is very helpfull and helped me a lot when i was putting mine on wrong