I now also have D-Sport Strut Brace on my YRV Turbo


I've finally got around to purchasing a D-Sport Strut Brace from Japaneazi Car Parts. Fitted it today as its been the first time since a gap in the rain since it arrived. Have to agree with jpor who fitted and written about them previously, does improve the cars handling and feel. Best way i can think of describing it,is that it "tightens" the feel of the front of the car if that makes sense.

If anyone else wants one, they are now actually selling them on their site and on ebay too. So no longer have to wait for them to arrive from Japan.

Hi Lurch, Glad it wasn't

Hi Lurch,

Glad it wasn't just me who thought it made the car stiffer. Your next mods if I were you are the Tein lowering kit and wider wheels/tyres as this also makes the car a different and more enjoyable experience. Especially in the cornering stakes. The only downside is if you move to different alloys and then you have to look at spacers and wheel arch folding.

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