Avanzato Rally Emissions


Hello and welcome to my first post....

I have a bonny wee Avanzato challenge car R583HKO and am desperate to get it on the road again. It has passed all its previous MOT's, with various owners, but now that I own it I cant get it through its emissions test.
According to various MOT centres it has to have CO of less than 0.3% to pass and mine is 1.0% even with a non competition ecu in.
Previously, and many hundreds of miles away, it had been getting tested as a non CAT car as it isnt in the VOSA book. If it is a KIT Car or a non CAT import then it would also have a 3.5% limit.
So what i want to know is if it should be getting tested as a non CAT car which has a limit therfore of 3.5%, as it has done for the previous umpteen MOT's of its existence, and if it is then how do i convince VOSA and the MOT stations of this? and if its supposed to be 0.3% how can i get it down to such a level?

oh and its only putting out 0.7 bar boost whether its got the comp or standard ecu in. which means it sadly only does 0-60 in 12secs (sobs quietly).

any advice would be appreciated



Is't that tghe problem then

Is't that tghe problem then Unknw Lack of boost so the mixture is far too rich. Check your hoses for splits, anything been changed on the car at all Unknw Has it ever run right Unknw

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Thanks for the reply.as far

Thanks for the reply.

as far as the emissions goes, the car isnt boosting when its getting tested so i wouldnt have thought the emisions would be affected by that. unless what is causing the lack of boost is also affecting the emissions in some way if thats what you mean. but ive tried two differently rated ecu's and had no difference.

as far as the boost goes, it is very regular in that with either ecu in it just doesnt put out more than 0.7 bar. to me it's like something mechanical is preventing it from doing any more. whether it be hoses, which appear to be fine, or the turbo somehow or the wastegate opening early (is that possible?) i just can't tell.

the previous owner thought they were only supposed to do 0-60 in 11secs anyway so he was never disappointed with the performance. So it's maybe been lame for a while. it's certainly always had lots of initial pick-up but then is a bit flat when it doesnt get the boost it needs.

Avanzato Emissions

Finally got it sorted so I'd thought I'd let other owners know the secrets.

First of all, the 0.9 bar boost is standard and the Harry Hockley ECU just takes the rev limiter off.

Secondly, and most importantly, the emissions limit for an Avanzato 0.66 turbo is not 0.3 but is 3.5 because it is a low volume import. But to convince your MOT tester you will need proof. This can be had from the lovely folks at the Daihatsu UK Technical department and Homologation department. I contacted Phil Camwell who was the customer service manager and he was very helpful. I received a later stating that it "was never intended to meet standard uk emissions testing" on headed paper which I now treasure.

It's still quite sluggish above 50 though. But a reprogrammed ECU will sort that hopefully.

Oh and if you want to get cheap replacement rear dampers then try Morris mini fronts or Opel Kadett rears or for some real stiffness try Toyota Hiace fronts.


If i may add my 10p worth ... its worth looking on the V5 log book as import or low vol cars seem to have intended emissions data logged on there ... proof enough i think!!