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I think I read on here somewhere but cannot find it again, that somebody had fitted twin batteries to a rocky would like to do this myself but wondered if any advive before starting please

Yep, I saw it. Twin batteries

Yep, I saw it. Twin batteries for a Fourtrak. I removed the original battery tray, and fabricated a new one, capable of holding one main N70 size battery along the main axis of the vehicle. A second smaller auxilary battery sits across the main axis, behind the first. I used about 1 inch angle iron to construct the trays with a couple of pieces of flat across the gap. They are welded together. I used every and any possible mounting hole to mount and spread the weight. There are about 5 or 6 threaded holes that mount the original tray. I used all these, as well as running a couple of verticle straps down from the tray to line up with the inner mudguard (wing). I bolted through both. I also have a strap that hangs off the upper drivers side radiator mount bolt that also attaches to the tray. If memory serves, the tray is mounted in about 10 places. Its a bit of a squeeze, you have to make sure the battery terminals wont touch the bonnet/hood when it is closed, or when the vehicle is flexing off road. There is still room between the batteries and the upper inner wing for all original fittings, Glowplug relay, fuel primer pump/filter, power steering pump, plus this is where I run my distribution block to power all my accessories, plus relays. Alternator output is governed by a continuous duty solinoid, which is activated by a relay energised when the ignition is switched on. This simple system keeps the batteries connected when the motor is running, but disconnected when it is off.
I suppose, if I had my time over again, I would go for Oddessy batteries, instead of normal batteries. They are smaller in size, (probably both fit in the original tray) lighter, but more expensive.
The major drawback to dual batteries in the original position is, I believe, that it contributes to the infamous Rocky lean.
I have an excellent picture on file of the tray set up, I will attempt to post it in the modifications gallery.

Hope this helps
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Twin batteries

Hi Dave thanks for the info, the pic did not show quite enough but your explination was great will look into your method sounds a solid way of mounting both. Not heard of the Oddessy batteries is this a different type of battery to norm??
Oh and the Aussie web site was well worth a look thanks


Thanks Mike and sorry for being ignorant last time you answered thanks once again........... Paul

No offence taken at all m8ty.

No offence taken at all m8ty....glad to help..thats what this forum is all about after all.

Odyssey Batteris

Are these batteries available in this country (England) or is there a copy of them over here, or something with the same spec's???