Towing a Terios


Has anyone fitted an A frame and towed a Terios. I want to tow one behind a 2.8 Fiat Van across Europe. I am not sure with the Terios being 4X4 whether this is possible and would the weight be too much Unknw

A Frames

Many European Countries have outlawed these although I have used them with great success.

In reality unless it is braked then it cannot exceed 750 KG, that is the towed vehicle of course. Also a number of insurances stipulate that you can normally only tow this amout and be covered. The weight restrictions mean that very few cars come into this bracket and certainly not the Terios. Even an Austin Mini barely gets that light and the only type that is light enough is the Axim's. I have heard of cntraptions that will connect to the towed car to operate the brakes and the lights, how I have no idea and baring in mu=nd that the servo will not be charged unless the engine is running, so this may just be a rumour and I can't really see how the brakes, other than the mechanical handbrake, could be operated in this way.

Having said that I have towed an MGB through France without problem, luck maybe. I have been pulled over in France for towing a Metro and the only bone of contenture appeared to be that the car wasn't separately insured. So perhaps that could be one of the many the stumbling blocks.

It is worth checking the internet on the laws of towing and the USE of A Frames but I think you will find that they are only acceptable for Recovery by Bona fide recovery agents. I often see Pug 106's and the like on the back of Campers when I am at the Ferry port, which is quite frequent, but never anything larger.

I have to say that I use a 4 wheeled trailer for Mini's but prefer the A frame which I find much better to tow.


M J Young