1996 sporty 1600 petrol


hi all, i am looking for some help if poss.i have a sporty which i want to convert to gas. does anyone have this done or have maybe drawings of the kit and what kind of mpg i could expect from this,as i am just trying to keep the cost of motoring down as u do.is there any major problems in doing this that i will no doubt encounter.the engine is basically brand new.and i feel that this should be done before xmas, thanks all

Its A Gas Gas Gas

Forget it!!! the cost of a good gas conversion will be well in excess of £2000, this will take a lot of miles to recoup, cheaper conversions are available, but are of poor quality and use sub standard components.

Gas gives less power, around 10% less on your engine, and less MPG, about 15-20% less; its saving grace is its extremely low rate of taxation which currently makes it cheap. Next year the Government is revising its duty on gas, basically it will go up, and in 2010 it will have the same fuel duty as petrol, making it the same price.

Gas powered engines of the older type such as yours need more frequent servicing, more additional costs; this is why gas power is declining, not many people can do in excess of 100,000 miles in one year to make it economically viable.

Dont know how they do it in the UK...

As previously mentioned gas doesn't seem to be popular over here (UK) i guess due to all the small diesels about.

In Australia Gas is used on every Taxi, courier, petrol transport vehicles etc. Diesels are left to trucks. The development of gas fuel systems, in Australia, is such that you will loose NO power at all. May be different here.

the biggest issue you will have is finding a decent place to mount your gas tank. I doubt it will be worth it though. I did a gas conversion back home and it saved me around 40% on my fuel bills.

Servicing may be an issue, but if you have a vacuum oil feeder, you can lube the valves easily. I drove my old falcon as a work vehicle for 50,000kms on GAS with no problems at all.

If the conversion is 2K that is a stack of petrol.