Boon X4 - what are the true facts? Does anyone own one?



I'm a newbie thinking of importing one of these but I can't seem to find much info regarding this car. What little I have been able to find out is quite conflicting. As far as I am aware, actual factwise it came out in 2006 and is a 2nd generation Sirion. It has 936cc engine with 133bhp and weighs under 1000kg

I've read on one review the handling is rubbish and the 0-60 is approx 9secs or over 11secs for the D-sport variant and the X4 does 33mpg average. Yet elsewhere I've read the handling and suspension is good and 0-60 is around 6.6secs, and if tuned further, even less! Mpg as 50mpg. Which of these comments is true? I'm confused!?!

Is there a specific model/chassis code I need to quote when enquiring with importers.

I had a look on one importer site (Bonsaicars) which showed two Boon 4wd cars as available to purchase at auction. But the pics of both the cars showed a bonnet with no scoop. If it's a turbo wouldn't it need the scoop to cool the engine? Is the auction site putting up a standard sirion as the X4 when it's not?

Also are the boon/storia/passo/sirion/myvi se the same thing, or is the Boon the only one with a 4wd option?

Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks Smile


Storia X4 and Boon are not

Storia X4 and Boon are not the same the Boon is the newer model. I know of two X4s in the UK and likely a third two but I don;t know the owner of that one. Very impressive machihnes but very hard to import as loads of papwerowrk needed. Storia X4s goes for loads of money as so rare and highly desirable in Japan.

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