tyre change


my sportrak is my only transport and i wanted to change my tyres to get better grip when i go off road at the weekends but have been told if i put a tyre on that was 80% off road and 20% on road that my jeep would use loads more fuel and wont stop in the wet on tarmac if anyone could give me some advice that would be great

all terrain

i would go for something like a general grabber all terrains not bad on road all off road bf goodrich all terrains seem a good comprimise they do okay on my mates landy bit expensive though for my road tyres ive got some khomos all terrains on alloys and for the mud a set of bronco grizlys on steel rims



This is the case with pure aggressive off road tyres, but still only a generalisation, all tyres handle differently in differing conditions.

My recommendation would be to fit Cooper Discoverer ST or STT tyres onto your original rims and use them both for off road and on road. These give exceptionally good grip on road in all conditions, while offering class leading off road abilities. Many off roaders are discovering the secret that is Cooper, and they do last as well on road as the best quality or premuim brands, and no changing wheels to go off road.

One Land Rover magazine tested these and at the time of writing their article they had covered in excess of 55,000 miles of heavy off road, and on road work. Being considerably lower priced than other premium brands, they would not use anything else, many others i know now swear by these tyres, and use them over Michelin, Good Year, and firestone, as well as other American brands.

use ebay

and find cheap bfgoodrich allterrains - fantastic tyre, wont go everywhere in sticky conditions but will do well, forget 80 - 20 tyres for road use during the week, it will be a waste of money - youll wear them down to nothing in no time....

Full of ideas but no time to do them!!

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