smoky van!


I've got a Piaggio Porter 1.4 diesel van.
I have read that they are a Daihatsu van re-badge.

I've got a probs with it...

Occassionally it decides to make a funny 'rattle' type noise (towards the back of the van) and then emits a load of blue'ish smoke for a few seconds.

Being that i have never driven diesel engines before, is it the way that i'm driving it, or does anyone think they know whats causing the prob.

Its getting though i'm wary to drive it...shame really, as i do like the van.

Any ideas/advise would be greatly appreciated...


I've since found out that

I've since found out that the van has had the same problem before and (apparntly) it was due to a 'spring on the fuel governer' which was replaced by a stonger i'm experiencing the same problem as the original owner.

I did contact the garage that did the spring change but they are reluctant to re-do it - for whatever reason.

They insist that i find a Piaggio Diesel specialist.

Finding a local dealer is IMPOSSIBLE!! there are NON AROUND!

Gettin at my wits end with it.