Smoky, Struggle to start Fourtrak 2.8TD HELP, Please!!!


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I am new to the forum. I bought a k reg 2.8td fourtrak off an retired man. It blue smokes alot, gets a little better when warm, and it is very hard to start from cold. I can hear the glow plug relay is clicking when I turn the key, the glow plug light is also working, However, there is no power to the glow plugs. I have also open the injector and the fuel is coming through. Someone told me there is a filter inside the pump and it might needs cleaning or changing. and How do I find out the timing is right? Thanks in advance.

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glow plus should be on for abut 10 seconds

This one comes up often.

The relay should click on once, stay on for abut 10 seconds then click off.

If it doesn't, one of the glow plus has burnt out, which fools the electronic timer into giving much too short a glow time.

Do a search for glow plugs.

Glow plugs

Thanks for your reply. The relay does click on, then click off 8 secs later. However, there are no power to the glow plugs rail. Is the glow plug for fourtrak 12V or 7.5V?




Two types were fitted to all models, these are either 7 volt, or 7.5 volt; revove one and it is stamped on the plug.

Failing this, quote the brand and part number on the plug to any motor factor and they should tell you which voltage yours are from their catalogues technical spec.


Thanks for your reply. Now new plugs been put in. It still wont start from cold.

When the engine is cold (outside temp 5 degC), the relay clicks after 6 secs. Then it keeps DOUBLE clicking(no gaps between ON and OFF)!

I got a chance to looked at another Fourtrak, the relay stays on longer when cold (20sec?), then it keeps SINGLE click on few secs THEN OFF.

Is the temp sensor for glow plugs faulty? How can I test it?

See your private mail

See your private mail.

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".

1985 Veg oil burning Fourtrak "Rocky".