Defective Parts


It has come to my attention through one of my contacts that a number of dodgy parts are being offered for 4X4 vehicles, these are illegal and dangerous.
These parts are not "E" marked, and not therefore legal for sale in the UK, many have failed and caused accidents. These parts are not being sold through reputable outlets, they are predominantly sold on the internet or through internet based companies.

Components identified are up until now; braking components, steering components, and suspension components.
Parts sold are thought to be copies from Asia, these are made from sub-standard materials and fail easily, the powers that be are trying not to let this go public.

Typical problems have been springs shattering when the vehicle hits a bump; master cylinders exploding the first time heavy braking occurs, and many more similar problems.

The moral is simple, purchase from reputable outlets, or check the validity of internet based companies before parting with any money.