Tappetts gone!


I bought "Daisy" in January. Shes a P reg MPV 1000/900 cc (cant remeber) She had done 65k when I got her. Full service and MOT.

So Come October she's rattling so I take her to my garage and she's out of oil. I should of checked but I always keep an eye out for oil puddles where I've been parking, she was'nt over heating and I trusted the oil indicater!!

So mechanic tells me he checked over engine thourghly, must of been burning oil. Rattly noise is hydraulic tappets that have run out of oil, run her for a bit and hopefully all we be ok.

Well I've run her, nice long strecth down motorway and she's still rattly.

So what now? How much is this going to cost. I think mechanic said if this happend somthing about complete engine overhaul. I hav'nt the knowledge , time or tools or space to do anythin myself.

So estimates please? and what would she be worth as is, two months tax and MOT 73k??

Thank you!

First things first. Before

First things first.

Before making any big decisions FWIW I'd start by investigating what exactly is rattling - is it the cylinder head, which could well have been the cause of the oil burning anyway (worn valve guides, etc) or something 'down below'. If so, then a replacement/rebuilt cylinder head would be the most cost-efficient option. If the engine is damaged down below with piston/crank damage due to lack of oil, then you'd have to make a decision based on the cost of a replacement engine/repairs. You can get warranted, replacement engines from numerous places.

Get 3 or 4 garages to give their opinions and estimates - prices and the work they are prepared to do varies wildly - and go from there. Often an expensive repair can still be cheaper than changing cars.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty


admittedly it was a different car, but my mum's Nova did this for the last decade of it's short life, I think some people call it 'pinking', I apologise if that's something entirely different though!

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