'97 Charade 1.3L overheating problem


Hi All,

Am seeking some help from those of you more in the know about an overheating problem I'm having with my 1.3L 1997 5spd charade:

Had major 100,000km service done(sorry but dont know miles)approx 1000kms ago. Since the service I drove 700kms and then the charade was parked and not moved for approx 6mths. When I did drive it after I travelled 200kms to my Mum's house, stayed overnight & returned home the following morning. When I started it up to drive home I notice engine surging while idling, then after driving approx 150kms it overheated. I thought fan wasnt coming on, so jimmy to be on continuously & when cooled drove on. I then overheated another 5 times over a distance of 35kms whilst limping it home. There wasnt any water leaking from it at all, nor did i go through excessive water.

Will even overheat when left idling after starting. Doesent appear to be water in oil....not milky at all. The water in radiator is not murky / coolant appears OK. ANY THOUGHTS????

A friend thought the overheating may be caused by a timing or timing belt problem??? The timing belt was replaced (supposedly) when the car had major service.....only around 1000kms ago!

Unfortunately, I live about 60kms from closes town & would have to find a way to get it into town if I am to have mechanic look at it..........depending on what problem is & cost to fix......I may need to save the money for repair first.


P.S. I believe 1km = 0.62137119224 miles

Thanks HelpCray 2