1998 rocky, rear seat tip forward trouble....


hi all, we just got a 1998 Rocky to replace our very rusty 1991 model rocky. tonight just as it was it getting dark, i was asked to help tip the rear seat forwards, the back seat folded down OK, but then when i tried to tip the seat forward the realeases didnt work, it seems it was anchored in two places, one of the straps broke off, the other one didnt work, as it was very important to get the seat tipped forward (it had to go up to the NEC Brum to carry sone large heavy boxes back !, i then lifted the rear floor carpet up from the rear and found where the rear seat retainers were fixed to the floor, so happily i was able to take the large bolts out (it was very dark by now !) and got it tipped forwards OK, but this was ONLY a short term solution, as the rear seat cant be used without the bolts being put back etc. etc.

So, can i ask has anyone else had this trouble ?, i am thinking the release strap that isnt broken didnt work because the catch to the bracket is set far to tight, but the one that is broken can only be re-attatched by taking the trim off the seat, has anyone else had to do this ?.

any ideas/suggestions will be gratefully appreciated.