F10 or F20? Can somebody help?


I'm trying to work out if my vehicle is an F10 or an F20, I'm not sure what the distinctive differences are, It would be very much appreciated if people could explain to me these differences. Thanks

The following page may be of

The following page may be of some use to you,
Basically the F10 is the earlier of the two and came with a 1 litre petrol engine, the F20 came out a few years later and had a 1.6 petrol engine (a Toyota unit). The body work of the F10 and the early F20s is basically the same, when the F50 came out I think they changed the style of the grill. The F10 is very rare although I seem to remember there is a guy who posts on outerlimits4x4 who has one.

Which One

Steve is correct, basically it was that the F20 had the 1600 petrol unit from Toyota fitted, look at the engine and near the distributor is the engine plate. This should say 12R this is the engine code for an F20.

Bodily the F20 had square indicator/sidelight lenses with an orange filter fitted into the indicator portion, the F10 had rectangular indicator/sidelight lenses.
F20 models had a mesh radiator grille, the F10 did not.


Thanks guys, that helps a lot, I now know definately that I have an F20.