Charade 04 fault code P0135 - HELP PLEASE?


Engine management light on dash on and i am told that this is the lamba sensor in the exhaust and that it is a main agent part only and that they will have to fit a resistor as well!!!

Now it just so happens that i have a gadget called a Scan Gauge

With this i can reset the fault light and check the fuel consumption - so i know that this is just a start up thing as the light does not come on again until i go to start the car again and the fuel consumption has not changed

My point is this
1. I think i am getting fobbed off by the garage who want to charge me £150.00 for the privilage of fitting a new sensor and resistor - but will not gurantee that this will fix it

2. Why do they now need to fit a resistor??? If a resistor had been needed originally it would have been fitted during manufacture

Can anyone help with the resistor value and where it gets fitted please
Thanks in anticipation

I've just googled the error

I've just googled the error code, as it's a generic code, and it says that it's an "Oxygen O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1, Sensor 1)" Funnily enough I've had the same problem on my Sirion but on the Sensor 2. Basically the sensor has two parts - the actual oxygen sensor bit and a heating element to help get the sensor and the car warmed up more quickly. That's the part that has gone and to fix it will require the sensor to be replaced unfortunately. Don't know why the resistor was suggested unless it's a known fix for the Charade when this problem occurs?

The sensors are pretty generic, best thing to do is find your engine code and google that and oxygen sensor and see whether there are any alternatives. I found some for my car for half the price as it's the same engine as the Aygo. Luckily mine was covered under the warranty.

Stevie_b ~ thanks for that

Stevie_b ~ thanks for that good idea
The 3cyl 1Ltr engine is used in a few vehicles so i may well have a hunt round