indicator burn out on fourtrack


We have a problem with the indicator flasher, it burns out,at £80 a time, is this problen somthing you have come accross before? been right through the forum but found nothing, before I start on it, it would be nice to have somthing to head too. Used Doncaster motor spares, heard them on the radio, sent me £23.50P worth of junk,(DOOR LOCK/DIP BEAM DIMMER/ANOTHER PEACE OFF A SPACE ROCkET)I ask for a indicator flasher unit, I think they are in outer space, try them with something simple, get the girl she is a LABRADOR. ShokHelp


Does your fourtrak have a tow bar with genuine daihatsu electrics? They can cause allsorts or lighting gremlins, if genuine tow bar the plug is under carpet next to passenger front seat door shut sill area spread carpet velco and unplug towbar and re-fit unused wiring( standard rear wiring) ofcourse no good if you tow alot but might give an idea if the towing electrics are good or bad
Cheers Marcus Smile


Thanks for that will start at that point, have hade trouble at that point before with back lights blowing fues.
I am not sure if the tow bar wires are conected under the fuel tank, but will check.
many thanks. Smile

spot on myfriend

yes after 3 hrs with a power point the problem lay in the wires to the 7 pin, can`t thank you enough, second hand flasher unit fitted from rimmers salvage at grimsby top guys not like thos muppets at doncaster motor spare, cost me one pound for the right bit, not £23.50 for parts off a rocket, but I am not BITTER! will fit new socket and cable on sunday.
manny thanks. rob.

it waz towbar wires

it waz the towbar wires chafed through in the middle re-rout through the inside of truck all spot on now.
thanks u guy`s.
mck rob. Smile