steering problem


HI guys,

I have this problem, well, i think its a problem, with the steering on my 94 Fourtrak INdependant. BAsically, when driving along, at say anything over 30 mph, the steering starts to feel a bit od, like there is play in the steering. Actually, there IS play in the steering, and I wonder if its emphasized when driving at speed. I had the tracking checked today, and its fine. The power steering is also fine (I might be missing a bolt of the pump, but its in place and solid enough-no issues with the actual steering)All I can say is that at speed, such as on motorway, it feels a bit scary...can anyone suggest things to check??

hope you can help, many thanks!


it could possibly be your steering u/j as if it has play in it you will have no control of the wheels within a perimeter of the steering wheel if it is not this then check out your top and bottom ball joints maybe put some grease in them to see if that makes a diffrence there is usually a bit of play in the wheel bearings if theres a lot try adjusting them too. p.s can you move the steering wheel left too right much when the engine is off regards russ m/c

if youve got large wheels or low tyre pressures this fault will allways occure as these tactics are only meant to be used off road for traction

thanks for the advice guys.

thanks for the advice guys. i have to drive up to the Dales tonight, and will be there over the weekend, so will have this checked out next week. The steering will be ok though wont it??

Dale driving

There can be no answer 'will it be OK'. If the steering is faulty then the car could be in a dangerous condition. Ball joints fail. I assume you have witnessed disabled cars on the roadside with a wheel bent under the engine .... ball joint failure or failed wheel bearing.
Personally I would do a quick check of the items I mentioned before starting out.
In the Dales dont go off road and take it very slow over bumpy tracks! Bumps tend to exacibate the problems.

right ok will do, if i am

right ok will do, if i am unsure, i will just use my other car-which is the complete opposite to my 'track-low, and road going ONLY.

OK .......

1. Check top and bottom ball joints. Jack the car. Grasp the wheel and wobble top to bottom. More effective is a long metal bar [crow bar] to lever against the ball joint. Any freeplay .. joint needs changing.
2. Wheel bearing. Jack the car. Grasp the tyre and wobble gently horizontal then vertical. Any noticable wobble and there is need to rectify. Maybe just needs the bearing tightened.
3. Steering box. More difficult to detect but a good check .... vehicle on ground. Grasp a road wheel and twist gently but watch the steering wheel. If movement of road wheel does not immediately reflect by movement of the steering wheel, the steering box needs sorting.
4. Check rear wheel bearings ... same method as 2 above.