Is it wise to fit a K&N 57i filter to the YRV turbo?


Went and bought a K&N k57i induction kit as I was getting bored of the whooshing of the Blitz Stainless one I already have fitted. But unlike the Blitz the K&N one uses oil to trap the particles from getting into the engine, which in turn the oil has been known to get in also and foul up sensors etc... Has onyone fitted one of these? If so any horror stories?

I don't think you will cause

I don't think you will cause too many problems on the turbo as it does not have a MAF sensor (these are the ones that get gunked up by oiled filters).

You are more likely to have a problems with a dump value that vents to air.

Thanks for the info. I may

Thanks for the info. I may take a chance and put it in to see what happens. I think the issues I may face is when I come to clean and re-oil. Too much oil on the filter and this is where it goes wrong I believe.

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better than blitz

To be honest the K and n will at least work as a filter, the blitz ones are truely dreadfull at filtering. Some reviews say the blitz are as safe as running no filter

Correct, You got to be crazy

Correct, You got to be crazy to run a Blitz (or other stainless fine mesh filter) full time for daily use. Every mile you clock up will be eroding away at the engine internals at a much faster rate than a decent oiled cotton or paper filter.

On a show car they are nice to look at, or for a track car.

One thing you can do to help the filtering without buying new filter, Is to wrap around a stainless filter with some filter foam, Ramair sell sheets of it on ebay cheap, Just cut to size and secure with cable ties.

Car specific induction kits often a rip off, You can make your own up for much less. The filters they supply are often a bit on the small side anyway. Just select the filter size (incuding neck size) of a universal cone on K&N or Jetex, Green etc website.

Its worth replacing the rubber hose as well that goes to turbo, apart from the ribs that don't help smooth airflow to the turbo, They often become weak with age and when on high boost they can start to suck themselves down and collapse, killing power.
Solid pipe is best.