Brake light fault


Hi, I have a problem with my brake lights and I was after some advice.

The brake lights do not work, bulbs are fine, I have changed the brake pedal switch and they do not work still.

When I realised I had the fault I checked the fuses and the 15a one was melted quite badly in the socket it was held in.

I have tried to check the wires back through, but I can't see an obvious break or fault.

Would any one have any ideas, this might be a job for an auto electrician.

Thank you


Use a wiring diagram and with a test-meter check the circuit for conductivity. Locating the faulty should be simple.

This happened to me for a

This exact thing happened to me for a while when I first got the 'Trak. As I found out the lamps are notorious for leaking water after a while and cause all sorts of grief...
Go around your rear lamps and remove the bulbs, throughly clean, and remove all traces of moisture, scrape rust away from contacts and re-assemble - a bit of vaseline around where the lens meets the lamp body helps seal it. BE PREPARED for seized screws, so use the correct screwdriver (Posi #2) because they are made of the finest cheese. Then do the same with the front sidelight/indicators.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

Tow bar

On another forum a poster suggests that faults often get located to the tow bar socket or its wiring loom. Try isolating the tow bar socket.

Hi, thanks for replies. I

Hi, thanks for replies. I could not find the fault so I called in a auto electrician.

Fault was under the steering wheel tucked out of way, basically wires had rubbed on metal work.

Thanks again