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just a small prob,is it easy to change wings on fourtrak.thats is on a 1987 f70

changing wings

I have'nt actually changed a wing..but..having taken a appears that it would be fairly straight forward.Before you start on the wings you will have to undo the under panel (the bit above the wheels) this is held in place by clips and a couple of bolts. The wings are bolted on with 12 bolts. There is also a cowling near the bulkhead which needs to be unbolted and pulled forward..the manual also suggests that the indicator light assembly needs to be removed first (a very simple operation..I have done that bit when replacing my corroded ones)..seems a breeze to me m8

Not a problem. Remove the pla

Not a problem. Remove the plastic mud splash guard thing above the wheel. Lift bonnet/hood. The small panel at each end of the vent panel infront of the windscreen is held in place by two small + head screws, remove these and slide the panel forward to remove. Remove grill and headlight. Remove the mudflap. Disconnect the wiring at the plug to any mudguard mounted side lights. Now, to remove the mudguard/wing, remove the 6-8 bolts along the top of the guard. Look at the bottom rear of the mudguard, there are 2 bolts there. Remove them. Behind where the headlight fits, there are a couple of bolts there, remove them. There are also possibly one or 2 bolts behind where the indicator/trafficator fits. That should be it, I dont think there are any bolts in behind the door jamb. Installation is obviously the reverse.

Hope this helps
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wing removal

thanks for those tips,so i will not need the crow bar thanks