older fourtrak versus newer Independents


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what are your opinions on older fourtrak versus newer 1993 onwards in terms of off road capbilities.

I used to own an older vehicle which was awesome off road. I want to buy another fourtrak but someone told me that the newer Independants are not as good off road...

Your thoughts please....? Help


The independents were introduced to respond to the market which was demanding better on road driving for their vehicles, to keep up with more modern off road vehicles.
Basically it will depend upon terrain, but generally the leaf sprung models were better off road, and more durable. Independents were good off road, but seemed to lack the slight edge of the leaf sprung models; independents suffered as a result of their coil springs, those used for work often cracked the top or bottom section of the coil spring.

Independents had slightly more suspension travel than leaf sprung models, but softer leaf springs were and are still obtainable, and give as much travel as independents. Leaf sprung suspensions are easier to maintain as the springs only require cleaning and oiling periodically with the old engine oil from oil changes.

Basically you define your requirements and take your pick.

Thank you for your reply. It

Thank you for your reply. It confirmed what I was unsure about, was very informative and helpful. Just what I needed to know.