any idea how this sportrak been hired


its huge


If you look at the springs they are still under the axle but have a good curvature, under the rear wheelarch there appears to be an area of light so it looks like a small suspension lift along with a larger body lift (maybe 3" or more)
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ha ha its mine , yes all its

ha ha its mine , yes all its had is a 4 inch body lift and 33 inch maxxis mudzillas, just waiting on finnishing the headgasket then i have a bit of welding to do when thats done it will on the road, i bought it in its current condition so not sure what else will need doin but cant wait

Body Lift


Any trouble with the body lift? I'm attempting one with my identical truck here in NZ. Did you have to change much when you did the lift?


Az in NZ.