Sticky/Jammy gear changes in Sporty


I don't think its the synchros, and I've checked clutch adjustment, but...

When I'm moving and changing gears it SOMETIMES becomes difficult to push into gear. Doesn't catch or grind, if I didn't know better I'd say that there was a loose bolt or linkage somewhere, it just feels jammy, like I have to put more pressure on the stick.

Sometimes when I stop at intersections and I am completely stopped it won't go into first. It's like something isn't quite lined up, and the only way to get it in is to work down from third with your foot on the clutch.

Wierd. Does anyone else have trouble like this with there F300 Sporty? I can't find anything wrong with mine! Argh!

Oil change already done

Oil change already done. Was better for a day or to then back to its old tricks... Also feels like its stuck in gear when i'm stopped, like you have to yank it out of gear, even with your foot on the clutch. Random.


Which type of oil did you put into the gearbox?

Gear Oil

75W-90 Gear Oil. Doesn't matter, i sorted it now. Way to make me feel stupid... The transfer case lever wasn't quite sitting in 2H, it was sort of between 2H and 4H. After I actually put it where it was meant to be, it was fine. As one would expect... Biggrin

Bearing needs replacement

I had the same problem in my Sportrak. I recently changed the whole clutch set and we discovered that a small bearing (not the clutch bearing but I don't know how it is called in english) that is responsible for the 1st and reverse gears was totally rusted. We replaced it with a new one and my 1st and reverse gears are running very smoothly now!