I have recently fitted an other gear box to my Daihatsu Fourtrak Independent TDS, when fitting the gearbox we noticed to the back of the gearbox was what we believe is a PTO shaft, it has got a leaver on the top of the gear box which we believe is where a cable is fitted but are not shore. All be do know to opperate the shaft you have to put the fourwheel drive leaver into nutural and you then can use the gear box to run the PTO shaft in what ever gear you want and also you can run it in reverse as well,but other than that we dont know any think about it.
I would like to know how this works and where the leaver and shafts is fitted in the daihatsu and what type of winch you would use, and are there many fitted with gearbox PTO's Help


Smile never seen one where did you get a trick bit of kit like that? you could put say a PTO grass cutter behind it on a drawbar. Is the rear chassie in the way of a pto shaft comming out the back?.

Winched Out

To operate the winch is simple, you have the option of operating the winch while the vehicle is moving or stationary.

Stationary operation involves engaging the drive dog on the winch unit itself, this is on the front of the vehicle, this is marked on / off, and is off with the lever moved away from the winch, and on with the lever towards the winch. Inside the vehicle is another engagement shift lever, undo the wing nut and move the plate allows the knob to be pulled up, this engages the PTO unit on the gearbox. Using the selection lever for 4WD/low box, put this in the neutral position, set the engine revs to 1500 RPM on the hand throttle, and select either 1st or reverse gear on the main gear selector, the clutch is then used to control the operation of the winch.
1st gear winds the wire in, and reverse winds it out.

To operate the winch with the vehicle driving, follow the same procedure but engage low ratio, 4Wd and either 1st or reverse gears.

The maximum recommended pull for a single line pull is 750Kg's or 1500 KG's for a twin line pull.