small problem with courtesy light switch i cant get to it !!!!


hi all, my dauhter has an "R" reg Rocky the interior light comes on ok when the passenger door opens !.

I found the door switch at the rear lower corner of the drivers door frame, i removed the little rubber cover, thinking that i might be able to get access to the switch to check the wires !!!!. which brings me to the question, how the hell can i remove the switch to get at the wires behind it, it seems to be buried in the door sill/door frame, it seems to be an impossible job, please how can it be done ?.



There is usually a small screwcross head at the side of the switch. Screwed through the steel and into the switch so holding the switch against the underside of the panel. Unscrew but hold the plunger or it might drop inside the panel. Retain the screw. Fiddle with the switch until it comes out the hole - a leg of the switch is usually at 90degree below the hole so needs caution and dont pull!

PS .. remove the 12v battery leads before removing the switch. Alternativel have a spare fuse ready !

great, thanks for the help

i've been away for a few days so didnt know i had a response, i shall have to take the rubber cover off again, but it certainly looked as if there wasnt a screw, just the nut that AUSTIN7 mentioned, it certainly looks more like a nut than a screw, but i will have another look to be sure, thanks, i wont be able to do anything for a week or so, as i have had a major disaster with my home central heating, i have to flush it all out, fit a new pump and put some derusting stuff in the water etc. etc.



if you need a spare let me know, I have quite a few from previous breakers, I'll post you one.
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Mace is correct on removal of the switch, there will usually be only one wire to the switch, this is earth. When the switch operates it earths the light circuit to the vehicle body, remove the wire or make another wire long enough to go to a good earth point to test. Usually corrosion is the problem, the screw corrodes in the body, breaking the earth path.

courtesy light switch

I think you will find that,after removing the rubber cover,you unscrew the whole unit from the bodywork with a 12mm spanner.Be careful when doing so to make sure the centre pin is free to rotate otherwise it will wind the connecting wire up and break it! You should be able to withdraw the whole thing sufficiently to find a connector otherwise search under the carpet for it.