oil type for fourtrack 1996 diesel 2.8


what type (synthetic/semi/mineral, of engine oil do I put in this winter (grade) 5/40 10/40/ 10/30 15/40 have you got a owner book to look in. Smile

10W-40 or 15W-40

According to the book, 10W-40 is preferred. I have used 15W-40 for the last 135,000 miles in my trak with no problems. As these lumps are not pushing out huge amounts of power compared with modern diesels, good quality mineral oil is quite adequate. (Personally, I use Duckhams)

Actually, there's next to no difference, as soon as the engine is warm, between the oil grades. The first viscosity number is the cold number, and the second is for working temperature.

It's just that the 15W is quite a lot cheaper than 10W, and, unless it's VERY cold (like -15 deg C), you shouldn't notice the difference.


defo go along with that 10/40 or 15/40 mineral i use 15/40 cos its a bit cheaper too, you can get 0/40 but thats mega bucks - depends on your pockets

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We have had a crank rip itself to bits when using 15/40 oil, so I have put it down to the oil,, could be a blocked oil way but that still oil suported, castrol say 5w/40w semi synthetic but if you have used 15w/40w oil for 135000 miles well, Duckhams` is top oil we r using oil for the tractor engine but still good quality oil.
Thanks for your reply.


recommended oil is 10/40; however, avoid synthetic oils. These run in tighter engine clearances as found in more modern engines, and will not operate satisfactorily in Fourtrak engines.


went on the castrol site today` have you tried it? put in your reg it tel`s you what oil to use, must be linked to DVLA,for a 1996 fourtrack it states 5w/40w semi. And for our sportrack 1995 it states 0w/30w. semi or fully synthetic?????????. Scratch one-s head