Would you be interested in a meet/event for all Daihatsu Drivers in the UK (inc Cars, 4x4s, and Vans)

42% (57 votes)
38% (52 votes)
Not really
5% (7 votes)
Definitely not
1% (1 vote)
I live too far away from anyone else
15% (20 votes)
Total votes: 137


Bit more info

This poll is to help gauge any interest in having some sort of event next year. As in a recent post made by AllanB about Japfest more members appeared to be interested in having some sort of event or meet up for all Daihatsu Drivers, with possibly members of other UK Daihatsu sites such as GTTIoC and Copen Owners Club. Venue and Date are yet TBA, though is important to find out the amount of interest and most popular potential venues before consider arranging anything, working out price, etc.

Billing Aquadrome and Blenhiem Palace have been mentioned a number of times as possible good venues.

Though importantly anyone still wanting to also attend JapFest make sure you PM AllanB
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For me i would say billing has to be the top choice . It caters for many car events throughout the year, has reasonable attractions for none petrol head family members and you cant get much more cental to the uk than northampton is

I'd agree that Billing would

I'd agree that Billing would be a nice very, what about JAE as I think that may go back to Billing this year Unknw

JAE is a well established, family orientated Japanese Car show that been going for years and is a long weekend and normally has some good entertainment like fireworks and inter club tug of war and generally a very good chilled out atmosphere. When it was at Billing it was the evenet of the year a few years back.

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Daihatsu Charade GTti Owners Club

Meet up

Billing is a great venue as i have used it many times before over the years with various car clubs. Its easy to get to and has lots to offer everybody.

Centre of the UK, please.

I know it's impossible to please everybody, but try to keep it in the middle of the UK.

Blenheim sounds OK, if a little far south.

Daihatsu Meet

Would be interested in a meet, though why so far down South? there are Daihatsu (Hi-Jet) owners beyond the M25 Wink

Billing Aquadrome is near

Billing Aquadrome is near Northampton so nowhere near the M25, and Blenheim Palace not too near it either Smile Where u based? I am surprised at the lack of comments so far with suggestions of locations. Though hopefully nowhere near M25 as u suggest, mainly cos its evil Wink

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Daihatsu Meet

Manchester ??? Anywhere in Northwest! Please......

1985 Fourtrak 2.8turbo, Spring over axel, on 35,12.5,15s

1985 Fourtrak 2.8turbo, Spring over axel, on 35,12.5,15s

I would love to attend a

I would love to attend a gathering. I live in Glasgow, but would be happy to travel to the middle England area. Smile

UK Daihatsu meet

I would definitely attend. Looking at the other menbers comments and the potential distances owners might have to travel with the associated fuel costs perhaps(and it is not the intention to create a divide) separate northern and southern meets would help?

Purely for discussion,a Northern meet could be held in the Durham area, a Southern meet held in the Salisbury area?

Timing late July early August?

Daihatsu owners meet

Hi all i would be very interested in a meet, with all the sites on offer it would mean a long drive to ether event as i live in plymouth DEVON. Cray 2 But i would still like to come very much.


I live in Sheffield and would be happy to travel down south..

Whats the purpose of the meet????

I recently went to a "Car Jumble" as it was advertised...
Stalls out selling second hand gear/Car contests(Including best modified Jap car)/Small offroad track with spectators etc.... it worked really well actually.