Ubolt torque Sporty


I have just fitted rear springs and shockers to my 96 sporty.According to w shop manual torque setting is 57 point summat ftlbs.Having spent last 50 years around heavy plant and HGVs this doesnt seem very tight.Am I just being unnecessarily biased towards 30 inch breaker bars and a lenghth of pipe or is this setting correct? Thanks in advance Geoff H


This is correct as there needs to be movement, overtighten them and there will be none, and also bear in mind that the threads are metric fine.

You could borrow my 72" stilsons if your 30" breaker bar is too small.


Nah! come on I would have thought a man of your experience would know that 72" stilsons are totally impractical for the job.Might round the corners off the nut LOL Thanks for laugh Geoff H


It does not really matter if you round the nuts off with stilsons does it?