bleeding the cooling system


Hi i have a fourtrak 2.8td can anyone tell my the best way to bleed my cooling system i changed the water and coolant and now i dont have the same heat coming through
thanks bud

Heating things up a bit

Sounds like you have air trapped in the heater matrix.To ensure you get all the air out of the cooling system you must run the engine with the heater on and set on full blast. Run the engine until it gets normal operating tempratur.with the radiator cap off keep an eye on the coolant level you should expect it to drop suddenly as the thermostat opens this should be the last of the air escaping the system, top up imediatly to the proper level you should be sorted.

Evacuate .......

I agree with 4x4man but leave the radiator cap fitted. Run the engine to full heat and keep it running for a further 5 minutes. Stop and leave to cool. Then top up the radiator.

PS ... make certain the radiator cap is a firm fit. Either compress the cap's lugs or cut a replacment rubber seal from inner tube.

If that fails replace the thermostat. Thermostat could be stuck in 'open' position.

You should leave out the antifreeze until you solve the heat problem. Obviously don't leave neat water to freeze overnight. Then drain off sufficient water and top up with antifreeze.


Would suggest you drain your new coolant off and keep it, remove the heater matrix feed pipes and put a hosepipe into one of them, blast it through and ensure that it is in the hot position.

When replacing coolant, often it dislodges the particles and sediment, this becomes trapped in the heater matrix, thus restricting flow and heat output. Flush the whole cooling system with a good cleaner while the coolant mixture is out, strain the coolant mixture and put it back into the system. Fill slowly, massage the bottom radiator hose periodiacally while filling, this releases the trapped air and prevents air locks.

bleeding the cooling system

Hi thanks for all you'r replys ill give them a try when i get more time
and hopfully the problem will be solved. Nothing like sitting in the middle
of a fieald in the bloody freezing cold!!!!!


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