Rear jump seat belts (1994 F78)


Hi, has anyone fitted or seen seat belts that can be fitted to the rear, side facing seats in the back of the Fourtrak ?? I know they're not legally required but....

many thanks

Belt Up

They are fitted to the seat mounting brackets, and were not available in the UK as these were inward facing seats, some are fitted to imported models.

These were fixed seat belts as opposed to inertia reel types, and if you require some, they are available from various aftermarket and classic car component suppliers.

Rear jump seat belts (1994 F78)

Thanks assassin, so MOT wise i guess fitting the the seat mounting points is OK - if not - I take them out each year.

Any idea of a supplier Unknw


Belt Up

They are legal if mounted to the seat mounting points, these were tested and have type approval under European legislation, to mount the seats and seat belts.

It would be prudent to look around the classic car suppliers of aftermarket components in your area.