Hi everyone!

I took the plunge and bought my 2004 Daihatsu Hijet yesterday, after looking around for ages. Its an EFI LPG 1.3, and looks like it's had a couple of little knocks, and drives really well. Its a silver grey colour, and looks great, though I'm going to see if I can make it look better!

I need a bit of advice on a few areas from your experienced brains...

Can anyone recommend a good garage to have it looked over in London? The lock in the driver's door is very sticky, and I can't lock the side doors. I also need a rear view mirror, roof bars and some alloy wheels. The number plate seems to dwarf the car - I may look for a square one

I'm putting a picture up in the gallery. Any mod suggestions are most welcome!

mini man

WD 40

I can fix the driver's door lock for you.

Put the key in its hole just enough to slide the little door aside, then squirt a little WD 40 in there.

Fixes it in a jiff and tends to disperse water that might cause the lock to freeze up in this weather.


Agree with other post. Sticky locks are a problem - key will not turn etc. Spray WD40 into the key hole and also into the lock's mechanism seen down the side of the door. Also push the WD40 'probe' down the outside window glass and spray in the direction of the lock. Leave and let it soak. Then try the key. Waggle the key side to side but do not force it.
If it fails then spray again into the key hole. Slowly work the key until it turns ... dont force it or the key will snap!
It will do the job ... take your time !

Thanks - I'll work on that

Thanks - I'll work on that tomorrow! I spoke to Duncan at Tyresave. He says that 12" minilite alloy wheels will fit perfectly, the studs being the right length. So I'm going to order some of these.


May i advise mate that you go for the 13 inch size like i have. They look much better and my van now stays on the road!!!! The 12 inch wheels are far too small and allow it to be flung about in the wind. Also my friend, tyres in the future will be much cheaper as 12 inch are an odd size.

Of course the decision is purely yours my friend. Regards. Brendan.

bigger wheels

Thanks Brendan. I'll go for the 13 inch ones!

Door lock

Hello again mate, i had the same problem too with my door lock but fixed it in 5 mins. I too did the WD40 thing but dont forget to pull back ( Gently) the door panel so you can see the internals. The rear of the key lock is held in place by a plate securer which sometime comes loose. Just push it home and that will help also. All the doors have the same so best to do them all mate.

Good luck. Brendan.