Fourtrak Clutch Mechanism


Please forgive my lack of technical knowledge, but I know just about enough to do the general maintenance on my 1999 Fourtrak. A couple of days ago the clutch cable broke and I have received a replacement which looks Ok other it does not seem to have an attachment for connecting it to the arm which has a small hook shape on it which is obviously part of the clutch release mechanism lever which goes into the housing. Is it possible that when the cable broke, something fell off which the cable should attach to.If so what do I ask for - the garage seem to think I am talking Greek.

clutch cable

Hi the part you require is a metal bracket which goes on the hook,and a square washer which locks it on to the cable.This is like a key hole fixing,any dealer should know which part you req.Hope this helps Mick49

Mick H

yep .... something fell off

mick is quite correct about the adaptor between the hook and the cable.

The adaptor has a rubber block which attenuates high frequency vibration (like you might get from the clutch relaease bearing) being transmitted up the cable to your foot. There's also a rectangular piece of metal about 20mm by 15mm and 4 mm thick with the keyhole shape in it.

What you do to instal the adaptor is to pass the end of the cable through the hole in the rubber block in the adaptor and then drop the piece of metal over the pear-shaped end of the cable. When you pull the cable up tight, the fat end of the pear locks into the bit of metal and prevents it falling out.

Oh... I forgot, to make the cable slack, you have to release the circlip around the cable up on the bulkhead next to the brake servo. When you have correctly installed the cable on the bell housing, pull the outer away from the bulkhead and install the circlip to give minimum clearance. Now dive back under and check the clutch lever free play at the bellhousing. The external spring (make sure that hasn't fallen off too! )should keep the clutch lever fully rearwards. Move the clutch actuating lever forwards by hand until resistance of the clutch being lifted is felt. The free movement between the fully rearwards position and the clutch being lifted should be about 1/2 inch (12 mm). If not, change the position of the circlip to achieve this.