temperature guage sender


On my 1994 fourtrak 2.8 turbo the temperature guage sensor has definitely packed in, does anyone know where I can get a new one or will I have to change the guage and sensor with a VDO one.


New sensors are available from motor factors, these are still in use on other toyota engines and generally cost £6-10 depending on outlet.

To test your sensor, remove the wire from the top of it, turn on the ignition and short the wire to earth, the gauge should slowly rise to the full temperature. These are merely a resistor, the hotter the engine gets, the lower the resistance in the sender becomes, and shows increased temperature on the guage.


Thanks Assassin
I thought the sensor might be common to a whole load of japanese engines but could not find anything useful on the various factor websites. Thanks for the advice on the guage I'd already tested it though 'cos I hate the idea of driving round not knowing what the engine temperature is (years of air cooled engines have made me a bit parranoid about overheating etc)


An old VW aircooled man i presume, look on the "Intermotor" site, they list everything from parts numbers to applications going back years.

Their earliest applications go back to the advent of electrics being used on internal combustion engines.