Sportak interior light


The interior light on my Sportrak has suddenly stopped coming on when I open either of the front doors and also the rear door. You can switch it on manually so I know it's not the bulb. Any ideas, anyone.


Sportak interior light

I have noticed myself that this happens periodically ( I am an owner for ten years) due to a failure in the conducts of the light bulb i.e. they become loose and you can fix that by pressing inwards.
Another reason may be a cut in the wiring under the doors due to dirt after hard off-road driving.The last thing to check is the electrical switch hidden under the rubber cover (round shape) in each door side. GOOD LUCK!

a simple tip

to refit the rubber boot which covers the curtesy light plunger switch at the bottom rear edge of the doors, spray a little wd40 or similar onto the two rubber pegs. Hold the boot in position and using a thin bladed screwdriver or similar push the pegs into their holes using the screwdriver in the two small holes on the front of the rubber boot above the pegs. very simple and saves a lot of cursing

Interior light not working

Hi Ian,

I've just developed the same problem as you. Did you manage to sort it out, if so what did you do??

I fixed (replaced) the resistor to make the slowest fan speed work on saturday, and since then the drivers door doesnt opperate the interior light (the passenger door never has opperated it - that was my next job!). The light does still come on using the switch on the light, so like you say its not the bulb or fuse (or does the door switch have a separate fuse)??

Any help greatfully received!