New Hijet Alloys


SO, it turns out (from measuring) that the PCD for my Hijet wheels is 114mm. Does this sound right for a 2004 model? I'd hate to order the wrong ones...!


Hello mate, you could well be right my friend as some Hijets are 114mm PCD. Im not exactley sure which model year it affects but mine is a 1999-V reg same shape as yours and mine are 110mm PCD size.

The only way to be sure is to speak to Duncan at tyresave who should know as he has had alot of experience with these odd size wheels. He is very helpfull.

As yours is a late model Hijet now badged Piaggio it could be that this is why you have measured 114mm. If you live anywhere near Wiltshire area you would be more than welcome to come and try one of my new 13 inch alloys for size mate.

Hope you get sorted out. Brendan. Happy xmas.

Are you sure some of these

Are you sure some of these have a PCD of 114. You've definately measured correctly. I've neve heard of them having this PCD so am surprised. Mines a 2003 model but I just assumed they were all 110.

I thought all of these hijets (1.0 and 1.3) were made in Italy by Piaggio for Daihatsu. Well a joint venture at least with a seperate company making them ( ie not Daihatsu or Piaggio, Piaggio Spa possibly).

Maybe I'll just have to measure mine?