1990 Daihatsu Applause


Can some body tell me the main reason why my Engine Fault light occasionally turn on for random amount of time, then switches off. After the light switches off the car jerks when trying to accelerate, then stalls when not accelerating. Once the car stalls it takes a few times to start again, once started the car runs normally again. Sometimes the Engine Fault light turns for a while then turns off, but the car running is not effected.

If some one could lead me to where to start looking it would be appreciated.

sounds like your altenator

sounds like your altenator could be stuffed to me. I had simillar issues with my 91 applause. When i called the NRMA because i was stuck on th side of the highway in the pouring rain without being able to use my lights, blinkers or windscreen wippers and not being able to go very fast at all because i had no charge left in the battery. The NRMA dude just got a long stick and banged on the altenator so i could use the car until i could get the new altenator.

long story short, get an auto electrician to have a look at your altenator!