fourtrak problems with the 4wd


Hi i have a k reg fourtrak (1993) i cant get the 4 wheel drive light to come on i cheched the bulb its ok i am not sure what else could be wrong when i put it in 4 low it goes really slow like it should but i am not sure if it is engaging into 4wd as the light doesnt come on i would be very gratefuf if anyone could tell me what it could be or what to check look forward to hearing from you thanks for any help

Eisy to check 4x4 working

Eisy to check 4x4 working (asuming you have manual free wheelong hubs (FWH), not sur this works with auto's). Put it in 4x4. Drive forward and back a few yards to alow everything to lock. Jack one front wheel off the ground. Try to spin the lifted wheel by hand. You should not be able to turn this wheel more than an inch or so in either direction. If it spines freely you have a problem.
What will be true of auto and manual FWH motors, is that the front prop should not turn while the transfure box is in 4x4 mode, if the rear wheels are both on the ground and stationary. Basicly engaging 4x4 makes a solid link from the rear diff to the front diff, via the transfur. If one prop is held in place, the other should not spin either.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.

Light Work

If 4 wheel drive is engaging, it will be the switch on the transfer case, all the switches on the gearbox are the same, remove one of them and swap. Switch on the ignition and engage 4 wheel drive, the light should now come on, if it does, it is the switch.

If it still does not come on, it is a wiring fault, check power to the switch, then from the switch to the light. Alternatively remove the switch and press in the plunger, if this works, the 4 wheel drive is not engaging and pushing in the switches plunger.

4wd problem

Hi mate it turns out its not going in to 4wd i took it in a field last nite and its only the back wheels working it goes slow in 4wd low but still only drives in 2wd any ideas what coulld stop 4wd working

Hi I am having the same

I am having the same problem with my K reg fourtrak it has automatic locking hubs but there not working would the light still comeon of there wern't can it just be solved by fitting manual locking hubs.

any help would be much apiciated as i want to get out in the mud
Cheers Dave


The light would still come on if the front hubs were defective, the switch for the light is on the transfer case, so if it engages the front prop shaft, it would come on.

Manual hubs are better in the respect that they are manually locked, but need you to get out to engage and disengage them each time you operate 4WD.

Auto hubs are ok, but require maintenence, something often overlooked, this causes them to fill with water, compacted mud, and rust. These elements conspire to weaken them and usually the spring operating assembly snaps.

Maintaining auto hubs is as simple as removing them, cleaning, and packing them with a waterproof marine grease regularly. Unfortunately many owners do not do this, and suffer as a result of broken auto hubs. Maintenance is dependent upon operating conditions, operating for long periods in mud, slush, or immersed in water means more maintenance and repacking with grease.

Both have pro's, and cons; so it is down to you to decide.

4wd not working

hi mate i tried the switch and its ont putting the light on i think the vac hose is ok if i drive along the road and press the 4wd button it will give a crunch like it is trying to go in to 4wd but its not engauging what else can i check or is there a way to keep it in perminant 4wd thanks again for your help


You do not put it into 4 wheel drive on the road, this could be your problem, you have damaged the transmission output gears in the transfer case. 4 wheel drive is only used on slippery surfaces where the wheels can slip, not on solid surfaces where they cannot, it sounds like you have caused a phenomenen known as transmission wind up. When you operate a traditional 4 wheel drive system, all four wheels rotate at different speeds when you turn, this is why they need slip, if not, something has to give and it is usually the transmission. This is why permanent foru wheel drives have a centre differential, and a differential in each axle. Fourtrak's do not have this, and distribute power equally to each axle when 4 wheel drive is engaged.

Unfortunately this problem will require fully investigating by a mechanic, or someone knowledgeable in 4 wheel drive transmissions to confirm the actual problem.


its on the farm track wher i press the button i can hear a click like the solinoid but no 4wd comes in if i drive down the track and press the 4wd it gives a crunch like its trying to go in but not engauging far enough to catch its not been done on tarmac whats the worst case it could be