Hijet air filter 1.3 EFi 16v/Compatibility???


Hello Hijeters!!! Ive been trying with no success to source a replacement panel air filter for my Hijet van 1.3EFi 16v 1999-V reg. K&N and Pipercross do not supply any for the Hijet.

I was wondering if anyone can tell me if the air filters on both the Hijet 1.3 Efi 16v are the same as the Charrade or sorion?????? or indeen any other small Daihatsu car/van.

K&N do make panel filters for most Daihatsu's but sadly not the Hijet. Please any POSITIVE info LEADS will be appreciated.

Regards. Brendan.

I think you can use an

I think you can use an induction kit rather than the replacement panel filter so this also replaces the air filter housing.

I think I've read on here about people using one off a polo and a universal kit. The charade and other models use the same head but different bottom end so I expect would also be fine. I think the person who posted about the polo filter said it sounded like a ferrari, commenting they were going to spray it ferrari red.