Sportrak Head/ Gasket


I have had my Sportrack for only a couple of weeks, the rad is pressurising and water vapour comming out of the exhaust. I didn't pay much for it and am going to use it off road only so not too mad with the seller.
I have removed the head and am going to have it pressures tested and skimmed next week. I have a few questions as I have not got a manual yet. Do the head bolts need changing every time? What should compression pressures be, mine were 40, 140, 140, 130PSI. They seem OK to me? except the 40 of course but the head is warped, I tested the thermostat it opened about 5mm not enough?
Who is the cheapest parts supplier? I have used Milner for Toyota and Shogun parts are they Ok for Daihatsu?

265/16 Insa Turbos/ Vitara Wheels 60mm body lift when the engine's fixed.


Milners are very helpful and their prices are not to bad.

Edward (ews) '92 Fourtrak 2.8 TDX


Thermostat needs replacing. Probably the reason why the head has warped. Make certain you get the correct thermostat replacement.

You need to get a w/s manual on CD. I can copy if interested but p&p + costs. Message me if you want a copy.

Service Manual

Hi, Thanks for the offer but I have ordered a manual.


Service manual/workshop manual ........ I would be interested to know if the CD you have ordered is the full version ... engine, electricals, fuel, body, etc etc etc, wiring diagrams, servicing schedules.